Since our inception 50 years ago, the Malaysia Numismatic Society (MNS) has provided the tools and knowledge for collectors to learn about our history, heritage, geography and the world around us through the study of money. 

When you give to the MNS, you help ensure that the future generations of collectors and young learners continue to benefit and be inspired by numismatics, and that our hobby remains vibrant. 


Your support allows the association to strengthen our educational programs, create new collection and exhibits, and grow our library assets — helping collectors to become smarter, more sophisticated consumers while introducing new generations of collectors to the joys of the hobby.


You may donate to MNS through several ways :

  • Monetary donations

  • Donations in kind, be it related numismatic collections, books, equipment and accessories

  • Knowledge – have some interesting facts and research to share? Write for us! 

  • Corporate sponsorship 


To make a donation, you can contact us here.